house mouse

What are mice and rats attracted to and what do they eat?

house mouse

Rodents are very smart creatures and find their way into our homes and businesses in very crafty and intelligent ways. You would be surprised to know that a common house mouse can fit into holes the size of a dime, so it does not take much at all to find its way in and begin making your home, their home! 



What are Rodent's Attracted To?

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Garbage
  • Pet Waste 
  • Water
  • Plants
  • Nesting Material 
  • Clutter

Just like humans rodents love to be warm and cozy, especially in the colder months.  Due to our homes having heating systems such as fire places and furnaces rodents tend to build their nests near them. They will do anything to get to these heat sources and will tend to short circuit major appliances because of this. 

Rodents love to eat all things sweet and salty though there are some things that they find especially delectable. Fruits, berries, nuts, grains and seeds, meats, garbage scraps and trash, as well as food and animal by products. It is important that you keep these things in sealed containers and cleaned up if spilled to keep mice and rats from getting into food sources found around your homes and businesses. 


Rats and mice will find their way into garbage cans if they are not properly secured. Trash and food that is left inside of these cans will also let off smells that attract them even more.

Pet waste is made up of digested food and rodents do not discriminate against the type of food they can find. It is important to keep pet waste cleaned up from your yards in order to keep them from coming looking for more. 

Rodents don’t need a lot of water to survive. However, that being said they will find water in the strangest places such as leaky pipes, hoses and pet bowls. To prevent pests from finding their ways to these water sources seal up leaking pipes, watch for leaking hoses and be sure they are sealed and shut off. Also be sure to have dripping faucets fixed in a timely manner so that rodents are not as likely to make their nests near them. 

If you have lots of plants or fruit trees around your home this will undoubtedly attract rodents to your yards. Rodents are good climbers and will climb trees and get onto your roof finding their way into your home if you are not careful. Keep these types of vegetation cut back away from the home. They also make an excellent food source for mice and rats.  

Rodents use clutter and other nesting materials such as plant debris, insulation, paper based materials like cardboard boxes, shredded books, and cushions. Keep these items cleaned up and disposed of properly to help with preventing rodent activity.   


What do Rodent's Eat?

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Small Fruits 
  • Grain
Virtually anything that humans will eat a rodent will eat. It is important that any food source that is around is kept cleaned up and in sealed containers to prevent pest related activity. 


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