Our most common FAQ's

Is it harmful to my family?

We are very mindful on picking the pesticides we choose, and make sure that the ones we pick out are going to work in many different environments including around family and pets..

We make sure to read the label entirely and apply it as specified so it is done in the most conscientious and effective way possible. If there is ever a time where you will not be able to come in contact with a surface due to the chemicals being used, you will be made aware well ahead of time so you can take the proper precautions.

We understand that this is a big deal, especially those with young children. We choose chemicals that we would trust enough to use around our own children and pets. Want to know more, just ask!


How about my pets?

How Elite Ensures Your Pet’s Safety

To safeguard your pets, we recommend keeping them in a separate room that doesn’t require treatment until our pest control procedures are complete, and the applied substances have had sufficient time to dry. The technician will provide you with guidance on when it’s safe to allow your pets back into the treated areas.

Precautions Tailored to Your Pets

Prior to applying pesticides, we recommend removing pet bedding, toys, and food bowls from the treated area. Rest assured, we select pesticides that are explicitly labeled as safe for use around pets when used in accordance with the provided instructions. If we have put bait stations down for rodent control, we would ask that they not be moved to where pets can access them.

In Case of an Emergency

Should your pet encounter a toxic substance, it is crucial to promptly contact your veterinarian. If this occurs after regular office hours, major metropolitan areas such as Columbus, Ohio, typically have a number of emergency veterinary clinics, many of which are available around the clock. Furthermore, you may reach out to any of the following organizations:


For General Pest Control programs, are there payment options?

We are very aware that not all of our customers have the means to pay up front and that is ok. We do offer monthly payments.  You will have an initial service fee, whether paying the full amount up front or paying monthly.

Bundling services in our Premium or Elite program will give you the best discount and give you pest control solutions for everything from ants to mosquitoes!

We may not always be the cheapest, but we guarantee the work we do will leave you satisfied. We are happy to work with you in the way that fits best for your family.

How are you BETTER than the guy down the street?

Well, as we say around here, we are in the business of helping people, it just so happens to be by getting rid of their pests. We guarantee every one of our services. We aren’t in this for the numbers. We aren’t in this for the publicity. We genuninely enjoy serving our community, and strive to meet our customers needs.

We choose daily to put aside our own desires and make sure our customers feel heard, and listened to. We aren’t there just to get the job done. We care about you as a person, and that your family is treated like they were our own. Don‘t believe us? Give us a call, and see for yourself the difference in how we do business compared to who you have worked with before. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

The last company we used never showed! How are you more RELIABLE?

We start out by making sure that you will ALWAYS have a phone call before we’ve ever stepped foot on your property, no questions asked. We want to make sure that you know what we are doing and how the job went.

After the service, if you were not home, or did not need contacted, you will have detailed notes sent to you via the customer portal, and a door hanger will be left on your front door establishing that we did the service that day. This is for your protection and ours. The notes are very detailed so that you know while we were at your home what all we did. You will never have to wonder what we did the day we came out, because it is all right there for you.

Your customer portal Is updated after every service. You can find all the information you need right at the click of a button. Would you rather talk to someone about your service? No problem! We are always just a phone call away and can answer any of the questions you have.

How are you more PROFESSIONAL?

This question just comes down to the way we handle all business. When you schedule a service with us, we will be there in the slotted time we said. If for some reason we are running behind, you will be made aware in advance.

We will assess each situation as it’s own, and will never sell you something you do not need. Your relationship matters more to us, than making the next sale.

We dress to impress. Our appearance reflects the quality of work we provide. Clean, organized, and ready to work with a smile on our face.

We come prepared to every job. Our tools and products are available to be used at every service, as they are in stock. If we don’t have all of the products we need to complete the job that day, we guarantee to come back to finish the job in a timely fashion.

Not sure if you need our services?

Let’s talk! We aren’t above giving out professional advice and tips on how to combat your pest issues even BEFORE you have signed on with us.

We routinely share things across all of our social media platforms with tips and tricks of the trade (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Follow us on Facebook, we enjoy your company and love taking you along on our journey.