Setting the Standard in Pest Control

Brad Sparks Headshot

Owner - Operator

Brad Sparks

He has been serving people in the pest control industry for over 8 years. He has always been eager to serve people, it just so happens he now does it while getting rid of their pests. In his free time you can find him serving at his local church, catching up on the latest blockbuster films, rolling around with the kids, and spending time with his wife as they enjoy local food and brewery’s around town. He strives wholeheartedly to bring his customers peace of mind while taking care of their pest control needs. He is passionate about his business and making sure he provides his customers with the best service in the pest control industry. He prides himself in being honest, and making his customers feel confident in the solutions he provides.

Jessica Sparks Headshot 2020 Owner of Elite Pest and Termite Control LLC

Owner - Office manager

Jessica Sparks

She wears many hats as a wife, homeschooling mom, and entrepreneur. Quality customer service is where her heart Is. She loves learning new things along side her children, and creating an engaging atmosphere on our social media platforms. Her smile is infectious, and she finds joy in her day to day life as a mom of three wonderful kids. In her spare time you can find her with her nose in a book either catching up on the latest best seller, reading up on new ways to engage her customers, and serving at her local church. She is passionate about serving our customers and is always striving to find new ways of innovation to bring to the table.

Sparks Family photo

The Family

The driving force behind all that we do!

The Sparks family is passionate about serving others and doing it together as much as possible. When we started this business we told our kids it was a family business, they get to be included on how we do things. When we serve our community at community events, they are there too! We are dedicated to teaching them the values of how to run not only a successful business, but a business who cares about people not just a sale. We strive daily to instill our core values in them as they see us working and taking part in ways that they are able to. We are blessed to have the opportunity to show them these aspects of life at all times as they walk this journey with us!


Pest Control Technician

Brendan M.

Office Administrator

Katie E.


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The vision of Elite Pest and Termite Control is to alleviate stress and anxiety around pests to those we serve. We aim to provide the ideal solution to their pest needs to restore comfort and security. We will be thorough in all aspects of what we do. Our customer service will always start with a smile. At Elite Pest and Termite Control, we want to be the best at what we do no matter what. Call today to schedule your pest control inspection.


Do Unto Others: Treat others as you want to be treated.

The Golden Rule is our first core value because it is the foundation of everything, we at Elite Pest and Termite do. Take care of our client’s homes and businesses as if they were our own. When we as a company get this right, everything else falls nicely into place.

The Elite Standard:

The desire to do our job right the first time. We own our mistakes. Care for our company’s reputation, and doing the right thing even when no when is watching. Being good stewards of our supplies, material, and equipment.

A Unified Team:

We cultivate healthy relationships with our team members. Strive to grow in knowledge, skills, and seek new ways to do our job better as a team. Win or lose, we do it together. Celebrating success or learning from our mistakes we do it with positive attitudes.

Client Commitment and Service:

Listening to customers and taking care of their needs. Keeping the clients comfortable and their homes/businesses secure is our goal. Making sure our quality of work exceeds expectations while keeping ourselves and the client’s safe.

Environmental Impact:

Proper use of Integrated Pest Management procedures, company protocols, and use of chemicals when necessary. Our impact on the environment is of the utmost importance. The label is the Law.


There is a need in our community for pest control. We will help those we serve feel secure in their homes and businesses. We strive to give them the ability to feel comfortable without worry of unwanted pests. Pests can bring out feelings of anxiety, and sometimes, feelings as strong as fear. We aim to help alleviate those worries by restoring our customers well-being by focusing on their needs and doing whatever it takes to help enjoy their home or business again. We strive to take each mission seriously, and make sure that it suits all of our customers needs in a personalized manner according to their current pest situation. We aren’t just there to get the job done. We are there to get rid of your bugs and rodents, and make sure you are taken care of in the process! 


We value our relationship with our customers, and because of that you get our team from the beginning. We do not use contractor pairing websites or apps. We don’t believe in the middle man, we choose to abstain from the gimmicks they employ. We offer our customers the right solution to their pest control needs, we refuse to sell services or products that are unnecessary. When you choose Elite Pest and Termite Control, that is the guarantee we provide you.