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How do I get rid of ants?

It always happens when you least expect it, crumbs fall on the floor and the next thing you know there is a line of ants trailing in and lining up to attack and eat on those crumbs. You clean up the mess and it seems they just don’t let up. Sound familiar? 

Well, believe it or not, this is pretty normal in many homes especially with the warm spring weather this time of year. You may be asking how can I get rid of these pesky little bugs, let’s get down to it!  

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We Can Help!

How did I get ants?
Ants are always foraging for a food and water source. Our homes and businesses are prime targets for them to find those sources. They can make their way inside through tiny cracks and crevices along the foundation of our homes as well as just walking right through the door like we would. Ants are attracted to moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens and it just so happens that those areas usually have a food source like left over food that can be found there too.
What can I do to get rid of ants?
When ants are walking they leave a pheromone trail for their buddies to follow so they know where to get the food and water too! It is important that we disrupt that trail to keep more from coming in.

Wipe the area down with soap and water or a cleaning wipe of choice

Keep the area clean and dry to deter more ants from coming to the area.

Keep food in sealed containers and be sure to clean up spills and crumb accidents when they happen. ​

Ants, sawdust, wings and soil. How are they related?
Are you seeing small piles of saw dust, soil or even piles of wings around what looks to be ants? If so you should have an inspection done on your home. This may or may not be ant related activity and could potentially be termites.
DIY Ant Control Options
One Do it Yourself ant control solution would be to clean the area that you are finding the ants in thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure to keep this area clean and dry. You can also try adding some over the counter products to help too. We have found the Terro brand bait trays works great in some situations. If the infestation is a bigger issue, these little bait trays will not completely take care of the problem, but they are worth a try to start. If the problem persists, give us a call to set up your program or one time service.
Oh no, the ants won't go away!
Sometimes ants are just a troublesome insect that need professional help. The good news is we are here to help and offer customized programs that suit your pest needs. Not only do they cover you for ants but also other general pest control too.

Standard Program

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General Pest Control & Rodent

Premium Program

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General Pest Control & Rodent
Mosquito & Tick


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General Pest Control & Rodent
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