Seeing Stinging Insects? What Can You Do?

carpenter bee

What’s with all the Carpenter Bees? 

Wondering why there are so many bees right now? It is the time of year where you are going to see an increase in activity of carpenter bees and other stinging insects. Carpenter bees are a special kind of stinging insect that focus heavily on boring holes in wood, they are also great pollinators. However, they can be a pretty bad pest when it comes to our outdoor environments that we as humans tend to spend time in. Especially structures made of wood.

As the weather warms up they are beginning to do what is called “swarming”. It doesn’t last long and then they begin to calm down, but in the mean time we know it can be somewhat problematic. Know you are not alone. The Carpenter Bees are in the process of finding and building their nests. While they are doing this they also tend to cause damage to wood structures around your home. You may notice the damage starting by seeing small piles of saw dust where they have been hanging out. Though  we cannot control them from buzzing around, we can help control the damage they are causing to your home and patio. 

Don’t Panic! The good news is they do not often sting. Female Carpenter Bees have a stinger, but you are not likely to come in contact with them, as they stay close to their eggs and nest. Males however DO NOT sting. They are the ones we see more often than not, and tend to be a little more aggressive in nature. If they are not making any new holes or causing damage, they will move on within the next couple of weeks. 

If you are in between services, notice new carpenter bee damage, and or you are running into issues with them, give us a call. They are covered in the seasonal and quarterly service plans.