No Middle Man , Just Brad and Jessica!

Brad and client in a pest control meeting

We’ve said it before, and after talking with some other pest control professionals on an online forum I want to say it again. We will never use 3rd party lead finding sites, think Home Advisor, Angie’s list, etc. the list goes on and on for these companies/sites! 

Why you ask? Well, let me just say you as a homeowner think you are getting a good deal you are working with a “reputable” site…. But, are you really? The more we dive into what drives companies to use these sites the more I can’t help but be frustrated with them and what they seemingly offer when it comes to them helping us ,as a company out, by bringing us leads and how they treat you as the customer through the process! 

They not only don’t really help the company, they actually don’t sell you the service properly or even how the company would want it sold to begin with. Most times they charge you more without you even knowing this, and the company gets quite a bit less because of the surcharges and other misc. charges that they tack on to their service. It’s a lose lose for both you and the company you are trying to work with! 

Do yourself a favor and do your own research and seek word of mouth before ever going to one of these so called reputable sites to find a service provider. You will get better results this way, they are not always doing what you think they are doing for you! 

When you work with us you get Brad and Jessica, no middle man. Someday, in the future, you will get our team who we will stand behind and guide to have the same value and quality of work from the beginning. This is who we are and what we pour into our business and where our passion comes from. This is our why, we want to help you and be able to do it every step of the way without someone else telling us how they think we should do it. We just happen to do that by taking care of your pest control issues! 

We guarantee that the service we provide you will be worth it! 

End rant…