Premium & Elite Programs include Mosquito Control!

Standard Program

General Pest Control & Rodent
  • General Pest Control & Rodent Protection
  • Scheduled Quarterly Service 4x a Year
  • Interior and Exterior Treatment
  • Guaranteed Services

Premium Program

General Pest Control & Rodent
Mosquito & Tick
  • General Pest Control & Rodent Protection
  • Scheduled Quarterly Service 4x a Year
  • Interior and Exterior Treatment
  • Guaranteed Services
  • 6 Mosquito & Tick Services
  • Bundled Pricing for Convenience

Elite Program

General Pest Control & Rodent
Mosquito & Tick
  • General Pest Control & Rodent Protection
  • Scheduled Quarterly Service 4x a Year
  • Interior and Exterior Treatment
  • Guaranteed Services
  • 6 Mosquito & Tick Services
  • Bundled Pricing for Convenience
  • Termite Service Plan
  • 10% Off Additional Service Types

How we treat for mosquitoes

mosquito treatmentWe treat monthly (3-4 weeks) to control the population (not total eradication) around your exterior living spaces, foliage, shaded areas, under decks and around patios. You will often see a decrease within one service, but sometimes it can take 2 services. Most customers notice a night and day difference, but there will never be zero mosquitoes in your yard. Treatments must be applied on a monthly basis to be effective. We still recommend other mosquito control and protection methods such as: citronella candles, mosquito repellant spray, etc. 


Mosquito Pest Control

Elite Pest and Termite’s mosquito control treatment plan starts with a comprehensive inspection of your property by our licensed and state certified team. Our professionals will locate and identify mosquito harborage and breeding areas around your home so that Our Elite pest control team can prepare a mosquito treatment plan that suits your needs.


An Elite mosquito control service plan includes a combination of monthly treatments with a colorless and odorless mist that will repel and disrupt the mosquito’s life cycle. This will prevent larvae from becoming adults that are able to bite and potentially carry diseases. Our team will treat your patio, deck, foliage bushes, and other non-flower bearing vegetation to keep your outdoor fun mosquito free. Our program offers added protection from mosquito-borne diseases, such as Zika, Chikungunya, and West Nile Virus 

Save when you add mosquito control on to your general pest control program!

Types of Mosquito Species in Ohio

Eastern Treehole Mosquito- can be found in wooded areas like parks and campgrounds. They usually bite smaller animals but will bite humans as well. They get their name from the location they lay their eggs. Natural tree holes of trees native to Eastern USA. They are active during the day.

Asian Tiger Mosquito- can be found in southern Ohio, but has been seen all over the state. Like the Eastern Treehole Mosquito, they are active during the day, but they tend to stay in the shady areas.

Northern House Mosquito- this is the most common mosquito in the Ohio area. They lay eggs in grass, shrubbery as well as any stagnant water. They are your typical evening on the patio pests.

Malaria Mosquito- these mosquitoes can be found all through Ohio and are active at dusk and dawn. Lakes, ponds and other bodies of slow moving or stagnant water are their go to for laying eggs. They get their name from the being carriers of the parasite that causes malaria.

How big are mosquitoes? What do they look like?

They range in size depending on the species, but most are smaller than 16mm in length.

No matter the species, all mosquitoes have a few features that are recognizable. They all have one pair of wings that are scaled with long legs attached to slender bodies.

How long do mosquitoes live?

The lifespan of mosquitoes depends on the species. On average, males live only 2-3 weeks however, some females live up to 100 days. In quiet, non lived in places, some types have been known to live up to 6 months. Winter kills off male mosquitoes once it drops below 50 degrees but females can hibernate in cold weather.

Mosquito life cycle

Hatches when exposed to water

Culex raft 2

“Wriggler” lives in water, molts several times. Most species surface to breathe air.

Aedes aegypti larvae

“Tumbler” does not feed. Stage before emerging as an adult.

flies around for a short time after emerging and after its body parts have hardened. Adults are the only stage that flies, bites, and feeds on the blood of animals and humans.


Aedes albopictus on water 1

When are mosquitoes most active?

Do mosquitoes hibernate in the winter?

Most species of mosquitoes feed around sunrise, sunset and nighttime. They can rarely be found during the middle of the day when the sun is out. The sunlight mixed with the midday temperatures can cause them to dehydrate quickly.

Female mosquitoes can hibernate in hollow logs or cracks over the winter for up to 6 months. Hardy eggs laid late summer can freeze and emerge as the temperature rises. 

Mosquito bites & viruses

Why do mosquitoes bite? What do they eat? How many times can they bite?

Mosquitoes bite because you have what they need! Your blood contains nutrients they needs to make their eggs. Only females bite since they are the ones making the eggs. They take the protein and iron in their blood meals to produce the eggs that will properly hatch.

Sadly, there is no limit on how many times a mosquito can bite.

Mosquito-carried diseases in Ohio

There are also several mosquito-borne diseases that Ohioans can acquire when traveling that could be brought back into Ohio:

  • Chikungunya virus.

  • Dengue.

  • Japanese encephalitis virus.

  • Malaria.

  • Yellow fever.

  • Zika virus.

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Mosquitoes in the sky
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